Our Founder Member

WHWW_Logo_K_RGBThe Brazil America Business Council is an organization where a few great people put the effort to create something different, better with a larger feeling of community, where it os ok to consider issues as diversity, inclusion and respect peoples choices…

We also thought about heritage, Art Culture, different backgrounds and things that are important to consider when you are about to joining someone in a business venture.
The idea, and the concept are different, the starting point is Orlando, and we couldn’t think of a better place, with all the magic, vibrant and unified melting pot.

Today, we are here to introduce our First member and supporter, WHWW-Craig Minegar. The first member who said you can do it, and here we are six months later, moving forward, with several other members, who came along. We are proud of what we accomplished and will always work and fight to represent our group well.
We thank everyone for the warm welcome and support. It is always deeply appreciated.

Please visit the Winderweedle Haines Ward & Woodman P.A website, and find more about the firm, www.whww.com

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