ORLANDO, FL – As part of the Florida League of Cities’ (FLC) 92nd Annual Conference in Hollywood, Florida and in celebration of 50 years of Constitutional Home Rule, the league elected the new leadership that will move forward the efforts to better serve the community of Florida at a local level. 

Among the new leadership, Commissioner Tony Ortiz was unanimously elected 2nd Vice President of the Florida League of Cities.  The role will allow the City of Orlando to be part of the leadership that encourages municipal leaders from around the state to collaborate with one another, sharing ideas and advocating for citizens and their respective municipality’s rights. The FLC provides important benefits to over 400 Florida municipalities and their leaders by providing strong collaboration for advocacy, money saving opportunities, education, consultation, tools for citizen engagement, and valuable public information. Combined, the resources of the FLC work to better equip mayors, commissioners and councilmen and women to continue serving with the best interest of the public in mind.

Michael Sittig, Executive Director of the Florida League of Cities stated that, “Commissioner Ortiz has been a great, well respected leader in the municipal community of Florida for years and we are excited that he is now on track to lead our great organization!” Sittig has been a leader at the FLC for the past 20 years and has been a part of the league for almost 40.

“Self-governance is imperative to fulfill the ideals of democracy and the rights of those whose vision is of a government created by reflection and choice. Without a doubt, representation within the Florida League of Cities holds significant value to the people we represent and their local interests. I look forward to this opportunity to represent the City of Orlando and the community of Florida, through this important appointment”, said Commissioner Tony Ortiz.

Commissioner Ortiz has been representing the City of Orlando in the FLC since 2011. While being a part of the organization, Ortiz has steadily advocated for municipal self-government and Home Rule; which allows cities and counties in Florida to be assertive in enacting ordinances without having to ask permission from the state, as long as they do not conflict with state or federal law. Not only does Home Rule allow for local government to secure more power, it also gives local voters the freedom to elect the leaders they think will provide them with the most accurate representation in office.

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