The Reality in Marketing Needs Today

Marketing spending has been on the hot seat. If you look into social media,since tweeter and Facebook started to interfere about the People’s freedom of speech, the number of members migrating to other platforms has been alarming. Only yesterday an article at the Business Insider, revealed a loss of 5Billion Dollars at Tweeter’s market value.

The price to advertise at social media is very high, but these media’s also forget that the power to reach the numbers they have in the past is generated by their members who appreciated their opinions and ideas respected. Once they started to interfere with liberties it was a sign that they no longer served their initial purpose. They moved from freedom to controlling and that May be a recipe for their demise. With that in mind USA and Brasil be ide de to launch a campaign to block all tweeters advertisers. The idea is to show how to give and take power through choice. So, putting that aside, we go back to marketing. COVID has placed many businesses in a trial. It is very hard to compete with fear and absence of guests and clients or even the risk of being no longer needed. Many reinvented themselves, or learned that the real reason a business thrives is the way you perform in the market, how loyal you are to your clientele and how faithful you are to the notion of the force of “word of mouth”.

It is paramount to understand, that the pandemic has initially haunted everyone, but as time progresses, many have already overcome the scare and either reinvented themselves or changed the way they do business. In reality, advertising has proven to be, not a priority, but a simple tool, a choice, but not a priority. The main success of a company lies in the companies desire to identify its client’s needs, deliver quality and adapt to the moment. If you survived the moment, expensive advertising is a thing of the past and it will also have to respect the people’s needs and not impose their abusive prices. The time is for change, where you place the faith of your business on yourself and not on someone else’s idea.

Laiz Rodrigues
Founder President

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