Interviewing O C Commissioner Mayra Uribe 3 Parts

We are almost a year from the pandemic first hit. One year of uncertainty, and a lot of concerns. We have never faced such a powerful enemy in our times and for sure we have won many battles before. This one came with the unexpected fact that it was invisible and can attack anyone. The whole world, joined their science against the common enemy. Governments fighting for the cure. Today we are an army of unmasked people, hoping that one day in the near future, we will be free and back to a regular life.

◦ Revisiting our challenges we can’t deny the efforts of Orange County Mayor Demings and also District 3 Commissioner Mayra Uribe, whom we spoke during an interview at Boi Brazil Steakhouse, which we thank for the great hospitality.

◦ Commissioner Uribe is a dedicated wife, Mother, and business woman who found in her life, the time to make a difference in her community, through her political career. She was elected for her first term in 2016 and now re-elected for a second term, show the strength of a fighter for a better community.

◦ We are thankful for the opportunity of our conversation, where we spoke of carrier, family, a little of politics and future plans. We are certain that Commissioner Uribe is not stoping here, we are sure that her political future is brilliant and will take her to many accomplishments.

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