Introducing the first Muslim candidate for Congress in Florida-Khalid Muneer District 10


Hello, I’m Khalid Muneer. I’m in campaign for U.S. Congress, District 10

I would like to request your support somI can become a real voice in our federal government in your behalf. A man who has a great understanding of our business and local needs and right now what we need is an advocate To fix this crazy economy. I feel that what we are going through, right now, needs to be fixed. As my first attempt to run for congress, I don’t possess the usual trade marks common to politics. I can and will be your support.

Often, we’re so busy working, learning, teaching, worshiping, and living productive lives that we don’t receive the proper representation in our government. Your vote is taken for granted and the same people who continue to break their promises to us get elected and only show up when they need our money or our votes.

To take this important step we must work together and that will take resources to make sure everyone knows who we are and why we’re running. Everything from volunteers to monetary contributions will be put towards winning. I’m Khalid Muneer and I believe we can win because we are stronger together.

I’m a very proud husband, father, grandfather who has built several successful businesses and I’m currently a company and chamber president. I have been serving the Orange County community and Florida for many years.

I was born in Pakistan, we moved to the United Kingdom where I proudly graduated from the University of Aston in Birmingham. I was an investment Banker in London, Paris, Milan, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Cairo, Dubai, and the Seychelles (Africa). I’ve studied seven languages throughout Europe, Africa, and Southwest Asia, traveled to over 49 countries and hope to put my international knowledge to work for our country. I am proudly, the first Muslim to run for Congress in the State of FLORIDA.

For decades I’ve been valuable and important to central Florida’s leadership as humanly possible. Always gave my support in a smaller scale but now I need to step up and answer to my call and serve the people at our Congress. I need your support! Following are some of the positions I have occupied in the past and presently still engaged

President of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida
Chairman of the Mayors certification of Minorities Appeals Board
Co Chairman of ambassadors of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando Executive Board member of the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce
Board Member of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce
Past President of the American Muslim Chamber of Commerce
Executive committee/Board member Orlando Economic development commission CFL
Board member Harbor House

My service in business affairs through civic engagement have been a pillar in bringing opportunities and growth to our minority communities throughout the Orlando metropolitan area.
As a very active leader in the community, it has been my pleasure to serve and advise business and political leaders at all levels. I’ve been working tirelessly with many organizations forming alliances that strengthen not only the Asian American community but many of our struggling minority communities to find solutions to fundamental problems we face everywhere.
I can only make this announcement with your support. We can only win with community support.

Khalid Muneer

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